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First Year In Review

2016-05-06 05:55:15 by Nimble

Well, I've been out of uni for a week now, I think I fared pretty well.

There'll be music coming soon, I gotta work on VSTi stuff because it's been forever since I've even touched the stuff - there's a bunch of cool, actually recent stuff from my soundcloud, work from my recent endeavors in the Pokemon fan project dubbed Pokemon Sage. I'll post my favorites that I've written this week. honestly I should probably start posting them here too but I dont remember if soundfonts from vidya are even allowed wooo

being a music major is extremely rewarding for the things I get to do and the people I get to meet. I've met so many fantastic people in the past year I can't wait for classes to start up again.

I really don't have much else to say.

Oh yeah;

Follow your dreams damnit, you'll love where it takes you.

I'm moving into my dorms today. This is both too exciting and so unreal at the same time.

There will be plenty more music from where the last two, Shoreside and When Times Were Simpler came from. I have two more on deck and the creative juices have been flowing for a hell of a while.

Hopefully things will go well for me here. AGH it's too scary to think about what's ahead, even if the first term is 6.5 weeks.

Any NGers from Florida State? We could like, meet up or something at some point in time.


So senior year has been hell of a lot of work and practically no time to myself. I guess that's okay, as long as I get into a respectable College of Music and do my thing. 

AFTER these auditions and scholarships and general panic blows over, I'll definitely be headed back to writing the good stuff; the jazz, the 7/8, the ridiculous and perposterous. 

I'll also soon be working on a Youtube series(yeah, yeah, here we go) entailing the Music Theory being used in Video Games, from the most common(Mario, Pokemon, LoZ) to the much more specific (NieR, Risk of Rain). I'm sure it won't really be interesting unless I do stuff that is popular, so if you have any ideas for an introductory episode, please, let me know, I'll consider anything and everything.

Well, this is just another reallllllly spaced out update on my life and my occasional postings of music(Read: every 3 months) until next time, folks!

Game Jam 9, Versilian Studios, and Jazz Theory

2013-07-06 16:01:19 by Nimble

With the conclusion of Game Jam 9, I present to you a game called At The End;

This fantastic game was built alongside Team Paradigm for Game Jam 9(we didn't finish on time but to hell with deadlines). We hope you enjoy!

There's also the OST that I worked on for this game to download(for free!) on Bandcamp.

I came across some sweet bossa the other day, and I wondered;"how do I sound like this guy?" Over the next few months I'll be independently studying Jazz Theory and it's inner workings until I feel satisfied.(read: YEARS) this means alot more jazz and just alot more coming from me in the near future.

And to conclude this Newspost, I'm proud to say I am now apart of Versilian Studios, A company that focuses on the client's needs; in this case, with music! You can check all of us out HERE.

End of Sophomore Year; Sound Engineering?

2013-05-13 19:56:04 by Nimble

Well, It's that time of the year again; SUMMERTIME!(When the living is easy...)

With the end of the spring musical and the spring concert right around the corner, I've gained quite a bit more time and am able to spend it writing music and playing vidya games to my heart's content. This year has been very interesting, both in musical context and out. I've started to think about what I want to major in the future and it seems like i've come down to two conclusions; composition, and sound engineering.

Now, I have no clue about sound engineering, but i'd totally learn if I could. Any thoughts on this one? I'm a bit undecisive as to what to start focusing on; I mean I still have another 2 years to think about it so it's on the back burner- but still quite important.

Before you ask yes, by sound engineering I mean stuff like people at Quantum Leap do.


2012-05-07 15:51:04 by Nimble

It's been almost an entire year on Newgrounds now as a musician. how time flies.

I've met plenty of people on the forums,both good and bad,and although my music isnt exactly the center of attention,i feel like i've gotten better(MUCH MUCH better) just by being here,listening to the music and analyzing it.Not to mention all the competitions i've attempted since i have been here.

I'd just like to say i'm really excited about this next year and how I can improve this time around,with the audio deathmatch auditions closing in,as well as in real life brass captain auditions,i feel like this is only just beginning.

Happy two-weeks from a year,guys c:

Games,Bands,and More Music

2011-10-02 15:41:12 by Nimble

Man, it cant believe it's almost been half a year since i signed up.

I've been writing music for a game,that although at this time it has been postponed,im still proud of the work i have done.i've contributed a good amount of time into this game and i hope we can continue the development process,so keep watch,there might be new content on the block!

I havent been on newgrounds as often as i was because of school,and marching band. playing first trumpet parts and marching is proving to be a mountain,increasingly more difficult as the year goes on. i've taken this challenge,and i hope to improve my music skills a vast amount by the end of this year,deeming this is my 4th year as a musician.

i havent really been posting music lately because i honestly ran out of ideas,but since now my school has a ton of keyboards to play on during lunch/afterschool,i'll be making more music and improvisations soon enough. i already released an interpretation of one such improv,found Here for your enjoyment. Round 6 is finally finished,after much development,and will be released today,in a few hours!

and this has been another wrap-up of current events.

Round X,RRC,And the BBS

2011-07-20 22:49:50 by Nimble

so,2 months after joining newgrounds,it hasnt been that bad.

i've been writing up a new music series named "Round X" and it starts not where the EXE Left off,but towards the end of the EXE Series(You can find the EXE Corp Series Here) and essentially,Round X starts at around 'The first of four' and 'dungeon crawling'. i really need to head over to the writing forums and write the backstories for these songs so people arent as confused as they should be.

which leads me to my next topic,the BBS. i've been posting there a while now,and i think i have finally got myself a few friends,including,but not limited to: WeHaveFreshCookies,tox,Addict,and a few others i probably have forgotten for the time being.

and i've recently become a member of the RRC,or the Review Request Club. i may have entered at a inappropriate time,as there are FOURTY-TWO requests(i got to like half of them so far) but i can finish this and get hit by whatever is coming.

right now im working on Round 6,and this one sounds a lot like a ride out on the city at night,so stay tuned for that! i gotta finish this up,so peace!

So,its only been about three weeks ive been here,but already im collaborating with a fellow member of the community,using a modified version of The Simple Life as the Ice Level BGM. I'll post the link to the game when it gets posted. Also,i'd like to say that i have an albumish-type thing called the EXE Corporation. Its made of just about 20 songs,which i'll point out by putting the tag [EXE] on(ironically at this point only 2 of the seven songs i have on newgrounds are EXE.) i hope you'll enjoy listening to my music as much as i enjoyed making them! I Gotta go for now,need to wake up early in the morning to do some stuff around town, so peace!