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Game Jam 9, Versilian Studios, and Jazz Theory

2013-07-06 16:01:19 by Nimble

With the conclusion of Game Jam 9, I present to you a game called At The End;

This fantastic game was built alongside Team Paradigm for Game Jam 9(we didn't finish on time but to hell with deadlines). We hope you enjoy!

There's also the OST that I worked on for this game to download(for free!) on Bandcamp.

I came across some sweet bossa the other day, and I wondered;"how do I sound like this guy?" Over the next few months I'll be independently studying Jazz Theory and it's inner workings until I feel satisfied.(read: YEARS) this means alot more jazz and just alot more coming from me in the near future.

And to conclude this Newspost, I'm proud to say I am now apart of Versilian Studios, A company that focuses on the client's needs; in this case, with music! You can check all of us out HERE.


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2013-07-08 05:55:13

Congrats about Versilian Studios, Nimble! Looks like an awesome company. :)

Nimble responds:

Heh, we intend to establish it as one, and we already have an all-star line-up, with more to come in the future!