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Contingency Plan Contingency Plan

Rated 4 / 5 stars


this is awesome. i like it. the futuristic shotgun you got going on,the apartment building in the background,the way you made the commissioner look in the design(like a badass) and that steaming shotgun shell that popped out of the weapon.

i know the design is not supposed to be realistic,but some things have to be said,the first being the shotgun. is it like a laser cannon of some sort? because if thats supposed to be flash from the bullet itself,it is SEVERELY over-dramatized. a few sparks after maybe an inch of pure light to cut the stuff off would've been nice.

another thing,the pants. the middle is square. at first i didn't notice it,but after looking at it for a while,i did. real jeans have a V instead of what looks to be a lowercase n.

the moon looks weird in this drawing though. it looks oval shaped. it makes sense to see like this if you're putting us in the eyes of the zombie that has fallen and is now dropping to the ground,which also explains the apparently lopsided building.

the text though,it is weird for looks as though a zombie carved it in instead of a human drawing it. you should make the text look fuller,move,and re-size certain parts,like the "My" and "Me" in the sentence. they look seriously out of place compared to the rest of it.

i like the small clothesline at the top of the two buildings. i'm guessing not many people notice it the first time,and it's a nice touch of realism,since you would'nt be able to put clothes in a dryer because a dryer makes alot of noise which attracts zombies. That's just my logic though,i'm sure you understand.

probably one thing that is cool is that you put some generic type zombies in the picture for us,like the ones without jaws or arms on the right of the character. it makes me laugh just looking at it.

overall,this is a nice piece,and i wouldn't mind putting this on my skateboard either! great work!

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Lintire responds:

Heya, thanks for the awesome review!

You're completely right about the flash being totally overdone; it was really just a time saving method as the entire picture was taking ages to complete. Was only only meant to be temporary, but it looked pretty good on the skateboard mockup so I left it in there.

The text is honestly the worst thing about the picture, and I've fixed it up since this upload. I'm wondering if I should reupload the picture or something, help make this one's text not suck so much.

As for the pants, and the moon - didn't notice them, to be honest. Thanks for pointing them out, they look kind of weird now that I think about it.

Anyhow, thanks for stopping by!

Fraggler Fraggler

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Simplicity works well

i like the fact that you kept simple for your first piece like this. its nice and all. i especially like the shape of the little animal/insect. what is that thing exactly? did you make it yourself?since the tiny little creature is barely the size of the mushroom,it kind of reminds me that there are many,MANY one-celled organisms. I like the idea you put through,even through you might not have thought about it.

now,i still like how you kept simple,but i think you could've added a couple of things,like maybe the terrain would be green to represent grass or actually have grass around.also,for 3d Art,i think the picture size you took was a bit too small,i would suggest making the size bigger as well.

lastly,i think that this is quite a change from what art you have made earlier. i looked it through,and it seems to me you've made the right choice changing your thing i would suggest is something a bit more complicated,like say a prarie?or maybe a small section of a desert? those are just things i came up with,im sure you'll get better ideas than that.

overall,i like it. it's simple,it has a ground and a sky,and it has a cute little creature too :3 it's a nice change of pace from before,and i believe that with practice and experimentation,you can make more.

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PlusPlusKid responds:

hmm...desert eh